About Us


When the pandemic first occurred, it caused massive dislocating and temporarily closed businesses which has caused a major economic shock. We realized afterwards that we had to keep on pushing our efforts and work hard, until we produced our masterpiece software CSCVR!

It’s a complete system with over 30 features designed particularly for enterprises to enhance productivity by 30%!

Change the way you think about IT Solutions, CSCVR delivers central visibility and high control through a tightly integrated experience! Network performance monitoring shouldn’t be hard anymore with us!

Why CSCVR functions are good for your business?

AI Powered platform that accomodates all your business needs with its smart tools and features.

Smart E-mail

Secure Email to communicate and send attachments internally

Staff Monitoring

Monitor your staff in real-time using a one simple button!

Smart Chat

Secure Chat With Both Video and Voice Calling features


Detailed reports , easy to understand by charts and graphs.

Join the Revolution

Start the transformation of your business!